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How to install binjr using winget?

To install, update or uninstall binjr using the Windows Package Manager on Windows 101 or 11, you must first ensure that the winget command line tool is available on you machine.

You can verify that it is installed by opening a terminal window and type:

winget --info

If the winget CLI is not already installed, you can install it from the Microsoft Store or manually

Then, to install binjr on your local machine:

winget install binjr

To update an installed copy to the latest version:

winget upgrade binjr

To uninstall binjr from your local machine:

winget uninstall binjr

Please refer to the documentation on the Microsoft website for detailed information on how to use the winget tool.

  1. The winget command line tool is only supported on Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) or later